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The story 💬

I'm a big fan of quotes and thinks that some of them can deeply inspire and motivate us especialy during hard working session 👨‍💻
However, searching online is time consuming and unfocus me.

So, I decided to built a Mac OS app which permits me to receive motivation sting based on a time frequency. On top of that I decided to add some cool features like favorites list, retweet a quote or copy it to clipboard 🔥

Focusing on quotes around entrepreneurship, motivation and inspiration, I search, filter and publish it on a private API used by the application ✋

The app is totaly free ✌️ !

The simplest way to get your motivation sting 💉

Get Inspiration OSX can be launched at login, support the do not disturb mode and works offline.


Easily store a quote by adding it on your favorite list. From that, manage, copy to clipboard or even share it with twitter.


Configure your frequency sting and its duration. Also configure the launching at startup. 


Inspire me

Inspire yourself by a frequency sting OR when you want from the menu bar or with the global shortcut CMD+I


Free daily updates from our API with latest quotes selected by myself.

You don't have a Mac ?
Nobody's perfect 🤣 !

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